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Fruits of Labor 10/27

Posted 10/27/2016 8:22am by Chris and Aeros.

Howdy Folks,  

   Last week’s water line got fixed by Thursday late afternoon.  It was a busted frost free spigot in the greenhouse!  While we had a guy with a backhoe here we decided to deal with the poor drainage we have off the north side of the greenhouse. So this meant digging a ditch along it’s side and putting in a pipe.  We also found the waterline over by our new hoophouses and tied them into this existing line, and at the same time ran a gas and electric line to supply the juice for the heaters we will be installing later this coming November.  Infrastructure! It’s amazing how much how many lines and drainage ditches we have dug to make this farm run smoothly. This was our first leek in 8 years, so now we know, first check any frost free spigots where it is wet.

  Chris and I realized it was foolish for us not to offer a smaller share size for the.  So we now have one available Autum/Winter CSA.  If you have already purchased a gusto and would like to change to a Nuts and Bolts that is totally fine.  We will either reimburse you, or we can keep these funds in a credit and push them forward to 2017 main season share. If any of you are in this boat and would like to change your share size please be in contact. To those of you who already wrote requesting this change.  I will be in touch with you shortly.   

   This is our first winter that we will be working through the winter.  We usually shut down and head south with the birds for a bit, but not this year. Krystal and Greg are a couple on our crew that got married this season.  They will be joining us through the winter for a mellow three days a week shift and staying with us for next season.  Jodoh will be staying to help us until the New Year, and then he is heading back to Pittsburgh to call the city home. We are bidding fairwell to Lauren and Garret this week they have been steadfast pillars to these parts for three seasons now.  Garret has been a very safe and reliable driver for our CSA and wholesale deliveries and Lauren has been queen of packshed and greenhouse, doing quality control. We will miss these folks! I told Cedar who has known them more than half his life as family that they are moving soon, and he said “Your kidding me”.  They have planned an extended trip to Alaska and then after this jaunt they will be starting up their own farm on Garret’s family farm in Slippery Rock! We wish them the best of luck and fortune, and thank them indefinitely for all of their hard work, sweat, patience, great even keel attitude, and loving care all these years.  

   We are currently beginning to move a lot of food into storage and we still have a lot in the ground.  If you want to keep eating our food this late autumn into the beginning of winter we strongly encourage you to join our Autumn/Winter CSA. Also we will be attending the Bloomfield winter farmers market.  This market will be happening the 2nd Saturday of every month from December – March.  The dates of these markets are November 19th, December 10th, January 14th, February & March 11th.  We will also be selling our vegetables to the East End Food Coop and several local restaurants for as long as we have them.  

  We are very grateful for you, our CSA Members. We think of you as a backbone of the farm.  A source steady source of income and feedback.  It is your dollars that support us in tight times.  It feels so good to feed you and your families in return. Thank you for this opportunity. We hope that you all had enjoyed your share with us this season.  As always we welcome your feedback, and look forward to growing food for you again next season.  

Your Farmers, Chris, Aeros, Lauren, Garett, Krystal, Greg, and Jodoh  

In Your Share:  

Nuts and Bolts:  Broccoli Raab or Gunsho, Carrots, Garlic, Leeks, Salad Turnips, and Winter Squash  

Gusto: Broccoli, Broccoli Raab or Gunsho, Carrots, Garlic, Leeks, Kale, Italian Parsley, Onions, Salad Turnips, and Winter Squash  

Recipe of the week:  

Butternut Squash Soup