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Fruits of Labor 9/22

Posted 9/22/2016 11:25am by Chris and Aeros.

Howdy Folks,  

Happy Autumnal Equinox! Even though the days are getting shorter faster and faster, it has taken quite a while to see a difference in temperature. Finally we are seeing it drop from the 80’s to the 70’s. Cooler nights are also beginning to be more regular.  This week we may see a night as low as 49º.  At this rate it seems like we won’t have a frost until mid October.  This will be interesting, and give us much greater ease in harvesting.  Also keep some crops coming until the frost like tomatoes, eggplant and peppers.  

We are beginning to bring in some wonderful winter squash.  You will be getting a taste of these in the coming weeks.   

This week you should savor these tomatoes because they are on their way out.  Maybe a week or two more if we are lucky.  These saladettes that you are getting in your share have been a delight to our salads, and cracker sandwiches and also the best ornaments for our countertop.  They keep so well and are so beautiful!  We hope you have enjoyed them.  

Salad Turnips are our toast to autumn! They are one of the most popular veggies that we grow.   As summer turns to autumn this week, it is apropos to have the salad turnip be the one autumn staple in the share.  

Louis C.K. says that “deer are rats with hooves … and that they don’t matter”, well we don’t really agree that they don’t matter, but the rats with hooves bit, is right on.  At this time of year deer are our biggest, hungriest, and most prolific pest.  Around here you can see herds up to 30, sometimes more foraging the fields in the night. As all the growth in the forest is drying up, our fields are still lush with yummy greens and fruits and they know where we are.  So deer management at this time of year is always a struggle.  We have impermanent electric fence around the two fields that we barter to work from our neighbors.  We have to really be on top of baiting with peanut butter, and also not forget to turn it on.  

This coming week 5 of our biggest pigs will go to be butchered by Dixon Meats, a 2nd generation butcher in Indiana county. This will be our second year working with them.  It’s always very hard for Chris and I to do this part of raising animals.  We were both vegetarian for a number of years, so the slaughtering part is somehow very difficult to get our head around. Especially since we don’t do it ourselves.  Handing over a beautiful live creature and then getting back meat, is… well it is what it is… the process of life.  We don’t have a facility to butcher in, so we can’t do it ourselves and sell it to others, so this is what it must be.   

We still have some Pork CSA shares available, so if you are interested, please speak up. As it’s first come first share. To those of you that sent us a note saying you are interested, you’ve got it.  I’m working on getting our website up and running to accept Pork and Autumn / Winter CSA.  My deadline is for it to be complete by October 1st, but I should have it done before then.  When it’s up and running, you; our current CSA members be the first to know.    

Also check out some more details about the Harvest Party Pig Roast happening October 15th on the farm.  This is a very affordable farm dinner.  It is kid friendly  and vegetarians and vegans will have plenty to choose from.  

In your Share this week:



Recipe of the Week:

Braised Chicken in Arugula Cream