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Who Cooks For You Farm

181 Eddyville Road

New Bethlehem, PA 16242


Who Cooks For You Farm is located in Armstrong County 7 miles south of New Bethlehem.

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Directions from New Bethlehem: ( Please be careful we are not found on most internet mapping systems, if you want to follow your gps, please also jot down these directions from New Bethlehem, because more often than not, most folks who follow their GPS to get here get lost.)

Take 839 South out of New Bethlehem. If you are coming from Kittanning/Pittsburgh areas from the south on rt. 28 you will make a right onto 839 South.  If you are coming from Brookville/ Clarion areas 66/28 in the north you will make a left onto 839 South. Heeter Lumber and Ju-Dons gas station on rt. 28 are landmarks for this turn. Set your odometer at this turn, and go 6 miles on a windy road.  At about 6 miles you will come to a three way intersection, here 839 goes left. DO NOT GO LEFT.  Continue straight on Eddyville Road for one more mile.  You'll pass 2 Big Barns on your right and then a carport and mailbox.  You will make an immediate right onto the dirt driveway that is on your right just after the mailbox.  If you go down a hill and over a bridge you have gone too far. Follow the driveway to a Y and make a left bringing you through a underpass. Continue on this road until you see our barn on your right. Take a right here at the barn into our gate. Welcome to Who Cooks For You Farm!