Market CSA

Our Market CSA offers flexibility, choice and connection!

How it Works

As a Market CSA member.... 

  • From May 11th – November 25th, we are open Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at the select Pittsburgh farmers markets. Shopping with us via Market CSA: you can choose anything you want in any quantities you desire from all our farmer's market stands. If you miss a market, no big deal! You come when you can.

  • You receive a 10% discount.  

  • There is no cash exchange at market. In order to join our Market CSA, you make a lump sum financial investment in the season. You do this by purchasing an “eGift Card”online. This establishes a credit balance of your choice with our farm before you come to shop at the farmers market.  Each time you shop with us, we'll deduct your purchase from your “eGift Card” credit balance. This “eGift Card”, is not a physical card. When you checkout at the market, we can search your eGift Card by your first and last name, Phone Number or email address associated with your eGift Card.

  • We accept new Market CSA Members throughout the growing season. The purchase happens in the same manner at any time of year.

  • The Value of your eGift Card does not expire. Each time you shop your purchase is deducted from your balance. When you have diminished all the funds on your account you can recharge your card with any desired amount from $10 - $1000.

  • You can check your balance from the original eGift Card confirmation email by clicking on the View Your eGift Card button. The page will have information about the card balance and transaction history. You should also be receiving receipts each time you shop with us, that give a detail of your purchase items.


We are attending three farmers markets in Pittsburgh for the 2019 season.  As a Market CSA Member, you can shop with us at any and all of these markets.  The motto is wherever you want, whenever you want, however much you want!

  • Squirrel Hill Citi Parks Market: Sundays 9:00 - 1:00 — Bartlett - Beacon Parking lot

  • East Liberty Citi Parks Market: Mondays 3:30 - 7:30 — Penn Circle West

  • Bloomfield Market: Saturdays 9:00 - 1:00 — 5050 Liberty Ave.

How to Purchase an eGift Card

  • Follow the links on this page “Purchase a Market CSA”

  • Choose an amount to invest in your nutrition and add to an eGift Card.

  • There is no promotion code. The 10% discount is automatically adjusted.

  • Please type the recipients name and email. (If you are buying this for yourself type your name here as well as the next cells that asks for your name and email. So do it twice. If you are purchasing this for someone else please type the recipients name and email which will be different from your name and email, which you will type next.

  • Type your personal message (optional)

  • Delivery: If you would like to make these funds available now choose “send instantly”. If you would like to deliver this gift card to a friend on a certain date choose “send on a future date".

  • Click continue to add your credit card information

  • You will get a confirmation email. Opening this is where you can associate a phone number or email address with your account.

After you purchase your eGift Card, be sure to sign up for email newsletters, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. (links are on the footer of this page)

We love love love the Who Cooks for you farm market CSA.  I've lost count of the number of years we have participated, friends told us about this great program which immediately appealed to my family because we can choose the vegetables we want.

Jessica Morowitz