Meet the Farmers

Who Cooks For You Farm is a first generation family farm serving Pittsburgh. We have been supplying Pittsburgh farmers markets and restaurants with fresh produce for over 10 years now. Our approach to growing a diversity of vegetables, herbs and fruit is as much about enriching the soil as stewards of of the land as it is about growing the healthiest freshest food we can for all of the families that rely on us. When you think of fresh produce we hope you think of your favorite farmers.  And when you think of your favorite farmers, we hope you think of us.   

Our promise to our consumers is to provide the freshest most nutritious produce we can.  In order to do this, we do the following:

  • We use compost and cover crops to enrich and protect the soil.  

  • We use organic practices and crop rotations to encourage healthy soil systems.  

  • We create habitat for beneficial insects and pollinators to help us do our job better.  

  • We offer chefs and local grocers the opportunity to keep effort and capital local as a boost to Pittsburgh’s food shed and overall resilience.  This gives us all the opportunity to serve as stewards of our collective home. .

We can all agree that food is the foundation upon which healthy communities thrive.   We are committed to growing the highest quality vegetables, fruits and herbs all season, every season for you.


Aeros Lillstrom is a co-owner of Who Cooks For You Farm. She’s the office manager keeping the books in order, supplies stocked and produce delivered. She the system sync; linking WCFY food to the people.


Chris Brittenburg is the co-owner of Who Cooks For You Farm who’s primary responsibility is managing field production. He’s the special projects guy, the salesman and the dreamer.


This is Cedar and Cyan. Our beautiful boys.