Organic Practices

Our approach to growing vegetables is as much about enriching the soil as stewards of the environment as it is growing the healthiest freshest food we can for all of our families. 

We are convinced that the integrity of the food we grow is interrelated with the integrity of our surrounding environment. To elevate that integrity, we use compost and cover crops to enrich and protect the soil. Since founding WCFYF we have always used organic practices and crop rotations to encourage healthy soil systems, beneficial insects and pollinators. For the past several years we had been Certified Naturally Grown and this year in 2019 we are becoming certitifed organic.

We offer customers a sense of place through our CSA and farmers markets and restaurant accounts by connecting people with locally grown foods and give them the unique opportunity to steward their own bioregion. We believe food is the foundation upon which healthy communities thrive, both human and non-human, and so, we are committed to growing the highest quality vegetables, fruits and herbs.

 Who Cooks For You Farm owners Chris and Aeros have both been growing food for many years. Chris has worked on organic farms in eastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. Aeros has worked on organic and biodynamic farms in California and across Europe. We founded Who Cooks For You Farm in 2009 in the rolling hills of Western Pa on Aeros’ family farm. The fields once grazed by herds of sheep now have been tilled and prepared to grow vegetables. Read more about us.

Being a WCFY Market CSA member is one of my favorite things - period. I get to support local agriculture and all its important benefits. I get to eat WCFY's delicious produce all season long - whatever I want, whenever I want (as opposed to the traditional CSA). And I get to be part of a community of wonderful people - both at market and through their farm events.

-Chelsea Burket