Heat Wave is Mellowing Out

Hi Folks,


How about the heat wave mellowing out and the most beautiful weekend of perfect weather. It's such a treat to work in delightful weather. We were forced to hit the river for a tube run in the extreme heat! The Farm is on a horse shoe curve of the Mahoning Creek. Looking at the aerial photo from google maps you can get a good idea of the float. We walk into the river down the field that borders Church Rd... Then float in inner tubes to the low lying meadow that borders the creek on the other side of the bend. It takes about 45 minutes. It is so relaxing and peaceful!! It helps us shave off layers of stress and is such a treat.

In your share this week:

  • Joyride: Fennel, head lettuce, NAPA cabbage, zucchini

  • Nuts and Bolts: Cilantro, pearl onions, beans, fennel, head lettuce, NAPA cabbage

  • Gusto: Cilantro, pearl onions, cucumbers, fennel, head lettuce, NAPA cabbage, garlic, shishito peppers, sweet onions, Italian parsley

Melons Are Coming In

Chris gives us a lesson on melons in his video this week.


Here are some recipes you might enjoy with your share this week.

Sarah Highlen