2019 Market CSA ~ What will be on your menu this summer?

Market CSA

Hello Who Cooks For You Family,

Thank you so much for your patience with us having a slow start to opening the 2019 CSA season.   We have been doing a lot of reconstruction, and streamlining. We have been creating better data entry systems, applying to become certified organic, making more efficient work flow improvements, as well as automating some jobs in the office.  We have a new website thanks to the help of Sarah at Grapevine Local Food Marketing.  We're online in a whole new way this year!  Taking more advantage of technology to help us run a tighter ship feels like a good thing to embrace in an age when technology is an intimate part of our lives.

We welcome you to join us this 2019 season as we embark on a new year of flavor and appetite.   We are so excited to see you and partner with you for another great taste of the seasons.  

For the 2019 we are going digital with our market CSA tracking, so when you go to buy a share of the season you will be guided through the purchase of an eGift Card. The funds that you deposit onto this “E” gift card will go directly to WCFY and then you will be in our system as a customer.  ( You can use the gift card for yourself or someone else!)

Read more about how it works.

 * 2018 CSA Members With Funds Still Remaining... there is no need for you to get more money in your account unless you want more than is present. Starting this season funds invested don't expire.  If you have funds still remaining from the previous season you will be receiving an email shortly telling you how much available credit you have left remaining in your account.  If you remember having a balance and think you should be getting an email and you don't  please contact me and I will provide you with your end of season balance.

Save the Dates:
Phipps May Market Plant Sale

Join us at the Phipps May Market Plant Sale on Mother's Day weekend.  It's the best plant sale in Pittsburgh!  If you have a garden, and you buy seedlings, you'll feel like a kid in a candy shop here.  We have lots of options for a front/backyard as well as patio garden.  There are also many other vendors.  There's everything from native perennials and trees to bonsai, medicinals, succulents, exotics, pies, ceramics, jewerly, natural body care and more.  We look forward to seeing you there.  DISCOUNT?

  • Friday, May 10th 9:30am - 7pm

  • Saturday, May 11th 9:30am - 5pmSquirrel Hill Market Begins Sunday May 12th

Some of our Farmers Markets Also Begin Mothers’s Day weekend

  • Squirrel Hill Market Begins Sunday May 12th

  • East Liberty Market Begins Monday May 13th

  • Bloomfield Market Begins May 18th
    *Remember the season starts out slow... we can only grow so much when it's chilly, so the first few markets we will have pea shoots for sure, maybe a few other treats and some potted seedlings!  You can stay in the loop by checking your newsletters via email or following us on social media, or the news section of our website. 

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